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Campus Box 8607
343 Witherspoon
Raleigh, NC 27695-8607

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or 919.515.2400
fax 919.515.5133
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WKNC 88.1 FM is student-run non-commercial radio from N.C. State University. We pride ourselves on our alternative programming of indie rock, electronic, metal and underground hip-hop and have been consistently named among the best in the Triangle by Independent Weekly. Boasting 25,000 watts, WKNC can be heard throughout the Triangle and far beyond via our webcast. Our aim is to provide NCSU students with the knowledge needed for a career in the broadcast industry and listeners with music that doesn't suck.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is WKNC?
What does WKNC stand for?
How do I get WKNC merchandise?
How do I advertise on WKNC?
WKNC is a student-run non-commercial educational radio station licensed to the Board of Trustees of North Carolina State University. WKNC has been in its current home at 88.1 FM since 1966 and currently operate 24 hours/day 365 days/year. With a 25,000-watt transmitter, WKNC reaches well beyond the N.C. State campus to serve the entire Raleigh-Durham radio market. We take pride in playing the best in independent, non-mainstream music as an alternative to the commercial radio stations that reside on the right-hand side of the dial.
Nothing. Someone tried to say it stands for "we know North Carolina." While we do love North Carolina and know a lot about it, it doesn't stand for that. It's kind of like DVD. The 'W' designates that it is an Eastern US radio station, and the 'KNC' is just three letters that we've all grown to love.
Go to our online store at wknc.org/swag. We can even ship it to you.
Great question! WKNC is non-profit, which means that we operate a lot on donations! While we are non-commercial, we can record what we call "Donor Announcements"for your business. These are 30-second "thank you" messages. We can specify specific times and shows for your ad to air to better reach your audience. For example, a local brewery can advertise during the Local Lunch or your favorite program. Click here to view our affordable rate card, which also describes the specifications of Donor Announcements. Please email sales@wknc.org to arrange your underwriting.
How can I listen to WKNC?
I tuned in to WKNC and it's a sports game. What's up with that?
What types of music do you play?
How do I place a request?
Click "listen" in the navigation bar to your left to listen online. This allows you to choose an iTunes or Ogg stream of high or low quality. You can also find us in the "college radio" section on iTunes radio. Turn your FM dial all the way to the left to 88.1FM if you are within 50 miles of Raleigh, NC. Even better, you can download the N.C. State Student Media app and listen from your iPhone or Android.
WKNC is a proud sponsor of Wolfpack sports, specifically Women's Basketball and Men's Baseball. If you'd like to hear music, please tune in to our online stream (see "how can I listen to WKNC?").
We play four main formats:
Electronica: "Afterhours"
Hip-hop: "Underground"
Indie rock: "Daytime"
Metal: "Chainsaw"
North Carolina-Based Music: "Local"
Our weekends consist of specialty programming consisting of a mix of punk, South Asian, soul, classic country and western, Americana, and many more kinds of music.
You can call in-studio at 919-515-0881 or 919-515-2400 or send a request from the N.C. State Student Media app.
How can I send music to the station?
If I submit music, will I be notified if it is selected to play?
How do I set up an interview on WKNC?
How can I get a show put on the Rock Report?
We accept both electronic and hard copies of CDs. Please address your mail to:
(insert format here) Music Director
Campus Box 8607
343 Witherspoon Student Center
Raleigh, NC 27695
Please email:
Electronica: afterhours@wknc.org
Metal: chainsaw@wknc.org
Indie Rock: music@wknc.org
Hip-Hop: underground@wknc.org
Local (NC) Music: localmusic@wknc.org
If your music fits in a specialty genre, please contact that genre's host. It also helps if FCC clean edits are provided, or at least FCC violations are noted.
Probably not. You can check our playlist to see if your music has been played. We also have a "Now Playing" Twitter that tweets every three minutes or so with everything we are playing.
If you are a musical artist, please email pd@wknc.org to request an interview. Please note that we do not interview bands we do not play. To get played, see "how can I send music to the station?"
If you are not a musical artist, but are a member of the public with a unique story, business, or event, you may want an interview with our Public Affairs Department. Please email publicaffairs@wknc.org and tell them what you are involved in and your story idea.
If you are in a local (NC-based) band and want to be featured on Carolina Grown, please email carolinagrown@wknc.org.
If you want to add a show to the rock report, please email our promotions director at promotions@wknc.org with your band's name, website, and the location at which you will be playing.
How do I get involved at WKNC?
How do I become a DJ?
Do you offer internships?
Can I use WKNC's recording studio?
To work at WKNC, you must be a full-time student of N.C. State University with a GPA of 2.0 or above. The best way to get involved is to email gm@wknc.org for details. There are two interest meetings at the beginning of every semester. "Like" WKNC on facebook, read the blog, and follow us on twitter for updates on this. This will give you information on the general structure of WKNC and how to get involved. The four main departments you can get involved in are:
Promotions: Help plan events both on and off campus, represent WKNC, increase general awareness of WKNC both on and off campus.
Production: Learn to use Adobe Audition to record the non-music elements of WKNC. You know, all those really funny "If peeing your pants is cool, consider me Miles Davis" type things.
Public Affairs: Write, record, and perform interviews for Eye on the Triangle, a local news program. Also serve as the public affairs liaison to write and record Public Service Announcements.
Music: Review music in the four main formats (electronic, hip-hop, indie rock, and metal) for general WKNC use.
After the interest meeting (see "how do I get involved at WKNC?"), you will fill out an "inquiry," which serves as an interview on paper. Provided that you meet the requirements (full-time student of N.C. State and 2.0 or above), your inquiry will then be reviewed by the general manager and the program director and you may or may not be accepted into a 6-week training class and 5-week in-studio training session. This will train you in all things WKNC and teach you how to become an involved, informed, productive member of WKNC staff and eligible for a spot as an on-air radio DJ.
While we do have paid positions at WKNC, these are usually offered to current staff members who have been involved (see how do I become involved). If you hear of an available position, please email gm@wknc.org for more information on the position and how to apply.
WKNC rents its production studio at a rate of $60 per hour. Request studio time using this form.
How do I get a Public Service Announcement (PSA) to play on WKNC?
Can you announce my event on the radio?
Can WKNC sponsor my event?
Can WKNC live broadcast from my event?
If you are representing at 501(c3) registered non-profit or N.C. State student organization, you are eligible for air-time in the form of a Public Service Announcement. Please write a 90 word script about your event, cause, or in general non-profit information and email psa@wknc.org.
The main ways to get an event announced include sending it to the rock report, submitting a public service announcement, or paying for a donor announcement. If you feel that your event doesn't quite fit those descriptions, please email our promotions director at promotions@wknc.org and describe your event.
WKNC will arrange trade agreements for events that epitomize the mission of WKNC. To discuss one of these agreements, please email gm@wknc.org. We do not provide money as sponsorship, but can arrange for an in-kind donation of donor announcements for publicity at your event.
WKNC has the capabilities to remotely broadcast for very special events with a very stable Internet connection. For example, we broadcast live each year from Hopscotch's Wristband City. If you believe event epitomizes WKNC's mission, please email gm@wknc.org to discuss this possibility.
Can I stop by the station and take a tour?
I won something on WKNC as a giveaway. How do I pick it up?
How do I get to the radio station?
What are your business hours?
Definitely! We love showing off the station. We ask that you come during normal business hours and prefer you to arrange the tour with the general manager, gm@wknc.org. We lead a lot of Cub Scout tours for troops to earn their Communication Badge, but are also willing to lead one-person tours to interested listeners.
WKNC ticket giveaways are either will-call or hard tickets, which the DJ will specify when you win. If you can't remember, ask the promotions director at promotions@wknc.org. If you won a physical item, like a CD or T-shirt, you have three months to pick it up at the station before we assume you don't want it and give it someone else. You may only pick up items during regular business hours (9-5, Monday through Friday).
WKNC is located in Suite 343 of the Witherspoon Student Center, on the corner of Cates Avenue and Dan Allen Drive on the NCSU campus.
We are open from 9-5 Monday through Friday and closed on University Holidays.
What if I have a question that isn't answered here?
General inquiries should go to the general manager, gm@wknc.org. They will direct you to the right place. FAQs are works in progress.